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Prime Day Sale: Up to 40% OFF + Free Shipping!

Chandler Hardtop Gazebo

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$1,699.00 - $1,999.00
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Color: Light Brown
Size: 10*12

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Dimensions & Materials
  • Overall Size:
  • 10*12:12FT W × 8.2 FT D × 9.4FT H
  • Materials:
  • Roof: steel
  • Frame: solid wood coated with special paint
  • Weight Capacity: 3330 lbs
Assembly & Care
  • Assembly: With clear instructions and included installation tools, you can quickly set it up with 2-3 companions. Follow the step-by-step instructions and enjoy the process.
  • Care: Use a soft, clean cloth that will not scratch the surface when dusting. Periodically (every 90 days) make sure the screws are fully tightened
  • Reinforced Structure:This gazebo boasts a resistant steel roof that can withstand various weather conditions. The reinforced crossbar is specifically designed to hold your barbecue tools and kitchen utensils securely. Additionally, the solid wood frame coated with special paint ensures durability and sturdy foundation. With our anchored design, you can have peace of mind knowing that your gazebo will remain stable.
  • Galvanized Steel Roof: The roof of the permanent gazebo is made of galvanized steel, which protects against UV, rust and fading, making it suitable for any weather. The cross support structure underneath the metal roof gazebo not only adds stability, but also can be used to hang light strings.
  • Durable & Detachable Curtain: The detachable curtain can keep air circulation, ensuring a comfortable and private space. The waterproof curtain hook and loop strip are packed in the box to provide you convenience.
  • All-Weather Durability:The gazebo is built to withstand various weather conditions. The roof is UV-resistant, protecting you from the sun's harmful rays and the rain will easily falls down due to the design of the roof, preventing any pooling or water damage. Even in snowy conditions, the hardtop roof can bear an impressive 3300lbs of weight, ensuring the gazebo's longevity.
  • Multi-Use Scenarios:This versatile gazebo is perfect for a range of outdoor activities. Whether you're hosting a backyard barbecue, lounging by the poolside, or simply enjoying the lawn, our Sturdy Grill Gazebo is designed to enhance your outdoor experience. Its spacious dimensions make it suitable for various setups, accommodating dining table sets for 6-10 people or conversation sets for 5 people.
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Product Information

10*12 Size

Overall: 12FT W × 10.8 FT D × 9.4FT H

  • Roof: steel
  • Frame: solid wood coated with special paint

Weight Capacity: 3300 lbs

12*14 Size

Overall: 14.2FT W × 12.8 FT D × 9.3FT H

  • Roof: steel
  • Frame: solid wood coated with special paint

Weight Capacity: 3300 lbs


Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
A little to the left.... Squirrel nuts

Picture this: a serene backyard, birds chirping, flowers blooming, and in the center of it all—the Chandler Hardtop Gazebo. But this isn't just any gazebo; it's the clandestine hub for the neighborhood's squirrel elite. Buckle up, because we're about to dive into the secret lives of our furry friends.

Chapter 1: The Grand Entrance

As I approached the gazebo, I noticed a tiny sign: "Squirrel HQ." Intrigued, I stepped inside. The missing screws? Oh, they're squirrel-sized escape routes. Clever little devils.

Chapter 2: The Boardroom

The gazebo's interior was surprisingly posh. A walnut conference table dominated the space. Squirrels in tiny suits sat around it, discussing acorn futures and tree-climbing strategies. PowerPoint presentations featured graphs with upward-trending nut stocks.

Chapter 3: The CEO

Meet Mr. Nutsworth, the CEO. He wore a monocle and carried a tiny briefcase. His opening speech: "Ladies and gentlemen, let's squirrel away our profits wisely. No more burying acorns in random lawns!"

Chapter 4: The Scuff Scandal

One squirrel pointed at the scuff on the leg. "Who scratched the gazebo?" he demanded. Accusations flew. Turns out, it was Gary—the rebel squirrel who moonlights as a graffiti artist. His tagline? "Acorns over asphalt." it actually was FedEx delivery.

Chapter 5: The Roof Rave

At night, the gazebo transformed. Disco lights appeared, and squirrels danced on the roof. DJ Chipmunk dropped sick beats while Nutsworth breakdanced. The missing screws? They held up the glitter ball.

Chapter 6: Love in the Air

Romance blossomed. Hazel and Chestnut exchanged longing glances. Their love story: "Fifty Shades of Bark." They'd meet under the gazebo, whisper sweet nothings, and share stolen almonds.

Chapter 7: The Great Nut Heist

Word got out that the neighbor's walnut tree was loaded. Operation "Nutty Business" commenced. Squirrels rappelled down, swiped nuts, and escaped via the missing-screw exit. Mission accomplished!


So, dear reader, next time you see the Chandler Hardtop Gazebo, know that it's not just a structure—it's a squirrel utopia. And if you listen closely, you might catch Nutsworth saying, "Invest in acorns, my friends. They're the currency of the future!"

🐿️🌰 *Disclaimer: This review is a work of fiction. No actual squirrels were harmed in the making of this tale.* 🌰🐿️

Lue Bona was prompt on shipping and replaced the scuffed leg from delivery. Fast response on missing roof bolts within a day delivered. I love it I think I live outside now. Thank you!

Hello Dear, thanks for this review! Such a cute story! You are so lovely !
Feel free to contact us if you have any further issue or query, we will be very glad to help!

Phillip S.
As advertised

Delivery on time. Product is installed and looks great. Great value for the end-state result!

Ike K.

I found it fairly easy to figure out the assembly process. The quality of the materials was very good, everything fit very well. I would recommend this product.

Great gazebo!

Super happy with this gazebo. We shopped around a lot before making the purchase. We are glad we chose this one. It took 3 guys the better part of a day to put together but the instructions were clear. Turned out great! Looking forward to using it once the Oregon weather improves! 😁